FAQ´s - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which professions are this software designed for? +

    It has not been created so that only Event Technicians can work with it. Other similar professional groups such as Catering or Security firms, or even Construction machine hire can use it. Theoretically, the software could be used for product sales alone. Offers and invoices can be produced very simply from this system.
  • What preconditions are necessary to run the software? +

    Just Log In, and get started. Our Software is platform and location independent. An internet browser should be installed and be able to access the Internet.
  • What does stage.equipment cost? +

    We are momentarily in the development phase and are offering free access to the Beta, following registration. Beta-Tester can take advantage of the complete program during the development period. To enable everyone the possibility to afford the advantages of our software, 4 licensing models will be implemented at a later date, Small, Basic, Pro and Enterprise.
  • What Features are offered in the software? +

    We are offering a complete solution for your storage and article management. Articles cannot be overbooked so guaranteeing an accurate inventory level. With a precise inventory management, stage.equipment will give you relevant data, such as total KW capacity, weight, and volume of a chosen load. From the customers booking, packing lists can be generated for the warehouse, as well as offers and invoices for the customer. Technicians and support personnel can be planned and coordinated within the employee management. Coworkers can freely input or block entries into categories, such as holiday and the like. The Stageadmin can allow coworkers viewing and / or working rights in different areas of the software, and manage the same. After completion of the Beta phase, further functions will be implemented, such as a bookkeeping function, a function for dunning procedures, and a function for statistics and analysis. The upcoming "Community function" allows sharing of general
  • What languages will be available? +

    We are also offering the software in English. In due course, we will be implementing Italian and French.
  • How secure is my data? +

    In this day and age, there is no 100% guarantee for perfect security. We are extremely vigilant, and do everything that is possible to secure your data. Our Servers are housed in Germany and rely on the most current encryption techniques, SSL and Firewalls. All precautions undertaken from our side are naturally only functional, when you also take great care to secure your password and not share with any third parties.
  • Is there any possibility of me losing my data? +

    Absolutely not. We create separate Backups daily for each and every customer account.
  • Can I test the Software in advance? +

    Of course. Upon request we will gladly send you access to a Demo account. Please just send us a message with the heading "Demozugang". We have data already stored in the account with which you can test our program. We reset our Demo accounts daily.
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